Akiko Tomikawa (Choreographer/ Dancer)

 Akiko Tomikawa is a native Japanese, and active as a dancer ,choreographer, dance instructor, artist in residency at Center of Remembering Sharing in NYC.

For 10 years, Akiko had belonged to Sadamatsu-Hamada Ballet Company in Kobe, Japan where she had worked with various worldwide choreographers, including Nikolai  Fyodorov, Lario Ekson, Yuri Ng and Stanton Welch, among others, and also performed wide-ranging repertoire both in classical and contemporary works . In addition she had taught classical dance technique for youth in a belonging school of the company for over 10 years.

She moved to New York in 2004 to learn modern and contemporary technique as an international student in Dance New Amsterdam and Peridance Center. She had chance to work with many great people  including Jana Hicks, Diane McCarthy, Max Stone, Marijke Eliasburg, Heather McArdle, Oliver Steele, Emily Berry ,among others.  In 2011, Akiko joined as a dancer in a movie “Frances Ha”  which was elected in 50th NY Film Festival.
Akiko as a choreographer has shown her work pieces at Dance New Amsterdam, Chen Dance Center, City Center Studio, La Guardia High School Theater, Chez Bushwick in NYC and Viskrofors in Sweden, and Tokyo , Osaka in Japan. She also has collaborated with a glass artist, Miho Ohgai since 2010 and shown art-dance works at The Tank Theater, Green Point, and Soho in NYC.
Akiko has teaching experience for contemporary dance technique at Steps on Broadway, Jefferey Ballet School, Dance New Amsterdam, Peridance Center in U.S and Dance Skola , Viskrofors in Sweden.

Kanae Aoki (Choreographer/Dancer)

Kanae Aoki is originally from Tokyo, Japan and started dance training at 4 years old. She'd learned contemporary dance, modern dance, ballet and choreography in Japan. She graduated from Japan Women’s College of Physical Education in Tokyo while delivering a paper on the expressive possibilities of modern dance.

She has received awards at many international competitions in Japan including The Saitama International Dance Competition Encouragement Award in 2007, Saitama International Dance Competition Yomiuri Newspaper Award in 2009 and The Nakano International Competition prize second in 2012. She is currently a member of The Hideko Sakamoto Dance Company in Japan. In August 2012, She wan accepted for a scholarship of Jennifer Muller/The Works. She has performed for many international choreographers and has choreographed her own work in Japan and New York. She also has experience as a choreographer/performance artist for music concerts and art performances. 「Un Peu De Soleil Dans L'eau Froide」,「Bitter Fruit and Sigh」,「The law of dream and sleep」,「Jeux d’eau」,and 「unknowngarden」 are her masterpieces.
Since December 2011, she has received an Artist Scholarship from the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japanese Government for studying dance in Peridance Capezio Center in NYC.

Miho Ogai (Stage Design/Glass Art)

Japanese native Miho Ogai lives and works in New York City. Ogai creates large-scale installations in efforts to shift viewer’s perception of conventional and cognitive space; using blown glass, window glass, mirror, and light.

Ogai received her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design, and her BFA from Ohio State University. She has exhibited her works extensively at: TNC Gallery, NY; SHO Gallery, NY; Bridgewater State Collage, MA; Spaces Gallery, OH; and The Sculpture Center, OH.
Since 2010, Ogai has been incorporating contemporary dance in her works. She has shown at: New Museum’s Festival of ideas for the New City, Nuit Blanche Festival, and The Tank Theater.